We aspire to be a brand of the 21st century. 100% online. From us to you directly. With the best quality possible.
« Italian touch better than best. »


Casa Giuliani was born from the desire to bring the Dolce Vita into our busy, modern lives. Always on the go, connected, thinking about a million things at once… Bags are the carrier of our most precious items, and that’s why quality, and attention to detail are the focus of our brand.

Here at Casa Giuliani we know that Life is made of ups and downs, but the Dolce Vita is about appreciating the moment, and savouring it with all our senses. 

Our very "boring" team meeting
Our very "boring" team meeting 

By designing products that reflect your personality and hold safely your little treasures, you have now the peace of mind to enjoy that time out in great company, or focus entirely on what make your heart beats.

Knowing that at every moment you can reach into this magic little pocket that contains a part of you.

A Ciao!